Day 17: Midlothan, VA – WOW!!!!!


Yesterday was the 17th day of my challenging and inspiring journey to support our troops through the USO. My day started off in Amelia Courthouse VA. Pastor Petty, Sr Pastor of Hope Chapel picked me up at the hotel and took me to breakfast. We went to the local newspaper and did a few other errands. He then drove me out to the estimated place I would be if I were walking. Pastor, thank you for all your generosity!

I walked and walked and walked until I finally came to this Bar-B-Que stand. I met these wonderful women named Terri and Angie. Terri and Angie (Angie,who did not want to be photographed) had the best Ribs. They are located right on 360.The video will tell the story. (i will upload video later)

The cities are kind of close here so my final destination for today was in a city called Midlothan, VA. I was welcomed by the Sleep Inn and Suites. Mike Patel - the General Manager,Christina Dudley - Front Desk Manager, Jessica Feltner flanked by David Mays were both in charge of the evening operations of the entire hotel. Jessica and David took care of my every need and I feel like royalty here in Midlothan!!! Thanks Jessica and David. Mr. Patel is lucky to have two great assets like you two.

Speaking of Mike Patel, whoo-hooo! Get ready to receive a stroke of jealous. It’s ok to feel that way as long as it’s not that evil type.  When I tell you guys the red carpet was rolled out!!! Hot Dang!!Hot Dang! and good goobley goo!

This journey right here cannot be explained, only experienced! When I first arrived at the hotel…. not only were the staff waiting for me but one of their guest. Mrs. Swartz Get this! She likes the Sleep Inn and Suites so much, she’s staying here for another 4o days!!!! What, 40 days? Are you serious?

To make a long story short, I got checked in. When I got to my room there was this nice gift bag full of water, snacks and a welcome card. Ok, Ok, Ok…. yall ready for this? I said are yall ready for this….? Since I have been on the road I have cravings every once in a while for a nice meal at one of my favorite restaurant. I call the Stefanie, “one” of the PR’s and I told her I would love to eat at Bone Fish Grill this evening. Please do not get this craving twisted, it was only a craving. Bone Fish is a restaurant I frequent.

To make a long story short Stefanie was tied up and was going to get back to me. I went back up front to take some photos and low and behold, Mike and his staff greeted me and treated me to, you guessed it, Bone Fish! Wow, could it get any better? Fortunately it could because when I arrived at the Bone Fish, while I was eating, Tim Belio, the manager came to my table and commended me on the work we were doing to support our troops and their families through the USO. Oh yeah, Tim is also a Veteran.

Tim and I had a short chat because the place was packed and he was quite busy. Now what Tim did next completely blew my mind. Are yall ready for this….. Hova, Hova… I can’t see these tears coming out my eyes so I gotta make these words cry. Im sorry yall another Jay-Z moment. Back to Tim.

While I was eating I was sitting by these two drop dead gorgeous women and this guy who looked like he just stepped out of GQ magazine. His name was John. We started a conversation because no one knew the name of our waiter. By the way his name was Eric. I started explaining what I was doing. They were so intrigued that one of the women offered me money and I gave her a card and asked her to go online and make her donation there.

We were all eating. The all of a sudden (the lady to the right of John on the picture) said “So John…what else would you like to do this evening? we can do whatever you want.” Now, this part is for the men folk out there reading this. Picture this: you are out with two of the most beautiful women in the world and you are asked this question…. I digress… John, please call me to let me know how your evening went.

A picture of John and his 2 “companions” for the night (inside joke) did not get a picture of Tim

Tim came back to my table, This time he had with him a business card. He gave me his card and said to me. “From here all the way to Washington, you are free to eat at the Bone Fish Grill of your choice, On us.” At that moment I almost burst into tears. “Don’t be no pussy cat man! man up….” Listen, this is very important. I have been a mediocre christian all my life. Why God chose me to support the USO, our troops and their families..I have no clue.

This is the kind of favor that can be only experienced, not explained. If you ever have a “nagging” feeling about doing something, that’s God. He has already sent his word out and it will not return to him void. If you are a procrastinator, keep putting off getting to work on time, starting a business, writting a book or volunteering at the local soup kitchen.Remember this… if you don’t do it, God has someone else waiting and ready to do that same thing. His word says, the last shall become 1st. I interpret “last” as being a servant. Look at the majority of great people in the world and trace back to trace back to the beginning. Want to find out how you can serve visit That’s it yall, no more writing for today.

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  1. Jim Petty says:

    hey L man you are super favored. Bone Fish is the bomb. you may be the only guy in history to walk 400 miles and GAIN weight!!! Come on man, al least sweat.


    Pastor jim

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