“With Great Honor” Team USO Walk To Support Our Military



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11 Responses to “With Great Honor” Team USO Walk To Support Our Military

  1. Rickie Castillo says:

    It was an great honor and pleasure to have this man stay at our hotel. I wish him well on his trip, and my god guide him w/h open arms. Takecare and best wish’s!!

  2. Michelle Young says:

    Leonard this is another stride in perfection for you! Don’t stop until HE say stop. I pray that your journey is peaceful and safe. Continue to do what God has in store for you cause while man is somewhere tearing you down…..God is building you up. What would it take for another man to walk 500 miles without expecting a pot of gold to be at the end? Once your journey is complete and you’ve crossed the finish line…when you look in the mirror be sure to tell yourself – only the strong survive! Good Luck and Best Wishes!

  3. I love you guys also. Thanks for the support

  4. Chandra Watson says:

    Good luck!!! We love you!

  5. Thank everyone for the kind remarks. As I prepare for bed and I reflect on this challenging journey I have took on, it makes me realize how blessed I am. God says in his word “For I know the plans I have for you….” Why did he instruct me to walk in June….I have no idea.

    Do I think God has a sense of humor….yeah, I do. What I do know is I would not have been choosen if I could not finish the task @ hand. Please make no mistake about it, I could not do this without the support and resources that has been @ my disposal.

    They say you can guage a person by his/her circle of friends/people. On a side note it is my opinion..you will only go as far as the company you keep. If you are trying to get to the next level in your life but you seem to be stuck. Evualuate your circle. It may be time to prune. I’m sorry I got off track 🙂

    Sam Inman,Pastor Curtis Johnson,Monica Brown,Angie Alverez,Traci Bates, Ben Alston, Jay Grubbs, Marie Edwards, Curtis Ingram, Kelly Stephens, James Fayssoux,John Fuller,Glenn Williams,Bernell Ingram,Pastor Hasker Hudgens, Janet McMiller , Quentin Holland, Keisha Lyles, Audrey Clausee and my entire family.

    These are sone of the most talented people I know and yes.. They are ALL responsibe for the success so in this endeavor and they are to blame if it goes sour!! I’m just kidding. We are doing all we can do and with faith and hoipe God’s will will be done. Tomorrow is a big day. We will have fun. Thanks again for all the support. Do not forget to donate.
    We will see you @ the Whitehouse in Washington DC.

    This just in: Hot!Hot!Hot. Tomorrow

  6. Keisha L. Watts says:

    I’m proud of you Leonard and I believe in you and the Mission set before you! I’ll keep you lifted and covered in prayer along with many others. God Bless You! God Bless The U.S.A.!!!

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