“With Great Honor” Team USO Walk To Support Our Military



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2012 DNC – Charlotte, NC


Can you say Winning?

A big thank you to my twin brother Bernard and my new friend Kathleen Harmon.

Winning, because I was on the floor at the convention @ Time Warner Cable. If I were any closer I would have given a speech.

Seriously, this was a once in a lifetime experience and the best way I can explain is with a few pictures.


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“With Great Honor Day” for our Active Military “Men and Women”



Dear Mr. President:

My name is Leonard Pitts. On behalf of the USO and the  People of these United States of America, I propose to you a Proclamation recognizing America’s active Men and Women in the Military.

We feel it is fitting that we recognize these brave individuals who sacrifice to keep us safe from harms way.

We hope you agree that NOW is the time to recognize the brave individuals who stand watch while we enjoy our freedoms.

With kindest regards, I am

Leonard Pitts, Volunteer, Team USO

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A New Year; A New Walk; From New York to Washington, DC


Training starts today!
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Capitol Hill




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Kangaroo Express, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Choice Hotels, Marriott
Hotels, Bone Fish Grill, Sander’s/Thompson Mortuary, Congressman Trey Gowdy, Congressman Jeff Duncan, Senator Jim DeMint SC, Senator Lindsey Graham SC, Senator Kay Hagen NC, Congressman Mick Mulvaney SC, Congressman Tim Scott SC,
Congressman Joe Wilson SC, Congressman Jim Clyburn SC, City of Clinton SC, Laurens County SC, Greenville County SC, Spartanburg County SC, Anderson County SC, Abbeville County SC, Union County SC, Fulton County GA, Mecklenburg County
NC, Cherokee County SC, Jamestown NC, Concord NC, Halifax County VA, South Boston Fire Dept, Rock Hill Fire Dept., Miracle Hill Missions, James W Fayssoux, Amazing Grace Transportation, Washington DC Metro, The Pentagon, The Whitehouse Security, The entire Congress/Senate Aid, Chick-Fil-A, Ruby Tuesday,
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Kimberly, WLBG AM 86, City of Chester SC, VAMortgageCenter.com, Face book Friends, City of Spartanburg SC, City of Greensboro NC, McLeansville NC Fire Dept,  Reidsville  NC, Danville VA, Stafford VA, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Greenville Association of Realtors, The College Inn, Greater Greenville Association of Realtors and My entire family




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Tuesday August 16, 2011


Today has been a good day!!! We are at the last stop of today for the week long Kangaroo Express “Salute our Troops” Tour.

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The kick-off in South Carolina on August 11, the Jeep will travel to communities across North Carolina, Tennessee, and Alabama in the first 30 days alone and additional stops are planned for Georgia and Florida. Live updates from the Jeep stops will post to my blog page and the Kangaroo Express @ KESalute.com

Tour Schedule for South Carolina

Thursday, August 11: Myrtle Beach, SC

8-10 am: KE Store 3490: 3791 Oleander Dr. Myrtle Beach,

11 am-1 pm: KE Store 1518: 4999 Carolina Forest Blvd. Myrtle Beach, SC

4-6 pm: KE Store 3071: 4408 Hwy 501 Myrtle Beach, SC

Friday, August 12: Charleston, SC

8-10 am: KE Store 3992: 8501 Dorchester Rd. North Charleston, SC

11 am-1 pm: KE Store 3880: 2800 Highway 52 Monck’s Corner, SC

4-6 pm: KE Store 3877: 7500 Dorchester Rd. North Charleston, SC 

Saturday, August 13: Hilton Head Island, SC

9-11 am: KE Store 277: 71 Matthews Dr. Hilton Head Island, SC

12-2 pm: KE Store 787: 1 Gumtree Rd. Hilton Head Island,

4-6 pm: KE Store 400: 85 Pope Ave. Hilton Head, SC

Sunday, August 14: Hilton Head Island, SC/Savannah, GA

9-11 am: KE Store 430: 1610 Fording Island Rd. Hilton Head Island, SC

12-2 pm: KE Store 855: 6 Palmetto Bay Rd. Hilton Head Island, SC 

Monday, August 15: Lexington, SC–Events TBD

Tuesday, August 16: Spartanburg, SC

8-10 am: KE Store 1500: 1505 John B White Sr. Blvd.
Spartanburg, SC

11 am- 1 pm: KE Store 1506: 1315 Lockhart Hwy. Union,

4-6 pm: KE Store 3959: 1711 Floyd Baker Blvd. Gaffney,

Wednesday, August 17: Spartanburg, SC

8-10 am: KE Store 3409: 1245 Asheville Hwy. Spartanburg,

11 am-1 pm: KE Store 3415: 315 John Dodd Rd Spartanburg, SC

4-6 pm: KE Store 3961: 1103 Hyatt St. Gaffney, SC

Thursday, August 18: Greenville, SC

8-10 am: KE Store 773: 429 Wade Hampton Blvd. Greenville, SC

4-6 pm: KE Store 1508: 14215 E Wade Hampton Blvd. Greer, SC 

Friday, August 19: Greenville, SC

8-10 am: KE Store 429: 485 Haywood Rd. Greenville,

11 am-1 pm: KE Store 3285: 5010 Pelham Rd. Greenville,

4-6 pm: KE Store 3286: 1814 Woodruff Rd. Greenville, SC


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Pictures from John Pellett

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July 7, 2011, My birthday!!


You have to read this poem written by Sam Inman. Today is my birthday! I do not think he knows it’s my birthday. I still have to do my final post. I have been relaxing and I will post real soon.

There once was a patriot who smiled While walking mile after mile after mile. “Everyone loves me!” he said. “Where I’ll sleep, I don’t dread. My final stop? The White House perhaps for awhile!”

‘Twas for Team USO and the troops he ventured forth From SC to DC, to arrive July Fourth. And tho’ summer’s heat beat down,And tho’ the smile briefly turned upside down, He continued his course to the north. 

“I better hydrate or I’ll surely roast! Those vultures above me might nibble and boast. So I’ll drink Gatorade by the bucket And H2O from each spigot,

For I want to see Lincoln’s Bedroom up close!” Onward he journeyed through farmland and town Making fast friends with nary another frown. “I’m ahead of pace To reach Obama’s Place!

You see, USO, I ain’t clowning around!”He arrived in DC slightly slimmer. Congressional staffers proclaimed him a winner!

But oh what a bummer….The Hill’s dumb debt grew dumber And his prospects for a White House dinner grew dimmer. 

To his sponsor’s hotel he trekked, still all in great cheer, To update his blog and reflect (and to wash all that reflective gear). And in the morning with foresight more clear

Our patient patriot texted his new and old friends far and near: “You’ll see! I’ll walk from New York to Barack next year!” 

Sam M. Inman

Vice President

Commercial Lending

First South Bank


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July 4th, 2011!!!!! Huge Success!!!!!


We arrived at the White House on July 1st. The date was rescheduled because of the Federal Holiday.

                About the White House Greeting:

I was given instructions to meet on Lafayette Square on the North side in front of the White House. For those of you who have never been to the White House security is second to none.

I got there a few minutes early. Picture this: A black man with this huge yellow hat, a yellow vest, yellow arm bands and yellow ankle bands with a backpack who is walking back and forth in front of the White House.

I did not know what was unfolding before my eyes. Two snipers in all black with their faces covered were on the roof top of the White House with a huge scope and some pretty big guns.

Then out of nowhere appeared what I thought was a “simple” tourist. He asked “are you the guy who walked here from South Carolina?” Yes, was my response. We started to chit chat and it lasted for a few minutes.

I was relieved when representatives from Congressman Jeff Duncan, Gowdy, Mulvaney and Senator Graham’s office showed up, Then all of a sudden several guys dressed in black cargo shorts, black baseball-like caps, black sunglasses, these really cool polo shirts with a black and gold logo on the chest area with the words that said “secret service.” Oh yeah, did I mention they were “strapped?” REALLY BIG GUNS!

FYI, Do not go to Washington, D.C. with the intention of playing jokes or trying to make the news because you thought it would be cool to act like you have a weapon of some sort. DON’T DO IT!!

These men and women will eliminate any type of threat whatsoever. I’m sorry for getting off track but I am only trying to paint this picture for you.

We were greeted by the secret service and I had to show some form of ID. On behalf of the President, they told me they appreciate what we are doing to support our military and their families through the USO. There were some other things said but that’s the surprise I have for certain individuals.

I could not get anything on video or take photos because of security reasons so you will have to believe me on this.

I was presented with a US Flag that was flown over the Capitol in my honor. This was a complete surprise to me and I received some messages from some very important people. There are some things that are meant for me to share with my family.

We will also start working on a meet and greet on Capitol Hill. This meet and greet will include a tour of the Capitol, Library of Congress and the White House.

It would not have been fitting for me to experience anything else without sharing with the ones who supported us throughout this entire journey. We will be sending out formal invitations soon so be on the lookout for it ok.

                                      Next year

We will continue to lift the spirits of our troops and their families until everyone comes home.

The walk next year will start in New York at Ground Zero to the White House.


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