Day 22: Fredericksburg to Stafford, VA!


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Today is the 22nd day of my journey. I am so sore this morning till I can barely walk. I think I have pulled a muscle in my chest. I have two big nasty blisters on my feet and both legs are begging me to give them rest.

I do not know why but I am supposed to keep going. My thoughts for today were to stay here for an extra day, go to the hospital and get myself checked out. It seems like the closer I get to Washington the more difficult it is to keep moving. This is not me, not my strength. Please believe this.

Yesterday started out a routine day. I walked through the very, very small town of Doswell, VA. Doswell is so small, well…the pictures below tell the story.

I also walked through a very remote area!

Highway 1 is a long highway. It was very scenic with a lot of history. If you ever have the chance to visit this highway please do. It runs parallel to Interstate 95. I have had the opportunity to see just how beautiful the country is by walking at 3 mph.

About my 6th mile, I started to ache really bad. I was almost at the point of hitching a ride. I made it!!! What a feeling it was!

The body is so amazing. I have learned so much and God has revealed to me that I can do all things as long as I trust in him.

When I finally arrived at my destination for the day the traffic was horrendous! I do not know why but Virginia do not believe in crosswalks. It was dangerous crossing the street.

I meet this homeless lady and her dog Roo. We had a nice conversation and she let me take a couple pictures.

At last, I arrive at the hotel, Sleep Inn and Suites. I was greeted by Connor who was very accommodating. Thanks Connor! If you have not stayed at one of the Choice Hotels, you are really missing out. They have a great special. Stay two separate nights, get the third night free.

Once I got checked in I went to Chick-Fil-A. They donated my meals for the day. What an awesome team! They waited on me hand and foot. They treated me like royalty yall. People were staring like “who is this guy?” Here are some photos and a cool video.

My day ended with a hot, hot shower!!

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