Day 24:Stafford, VA to Arlington, VA!!!! 36 miles


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Today will be my longest trek of this journey. I decided to rest/recover yesterday, day 23. My body has really taken a beaten these last few weeks. I do not feel my best today but I will make it. Thank you Ruby Tuesday’s and Chili’s for a wonderful meal yesterday. I did not get a chance to take photos @ Chili’s because they were so busy.

I left Stafford around 5:30 a.m. this morning anxiously awaiting on any new found adventures.
It was early a.m. and there really was not a lot going on. Here’s a photo of ceramic soldiers.
Oh look, now here’s a sign that lets me know I am still in the South.
The National museum of Marine Corps.
WOW!! I just came across this amazing statue. It’s called IWO JIMA. This statue is so detailed.
As I continue my journey towards Arlington, I see more and more sites of patriotism. Too many to post. However, I did cross one that I believe sums up the way I feel.
Then out of nowhere, Washington -29 miles, on a big sign painted in green with white writing. I could not believe it…I have traveled so far and on foot. It was at this point that I knew this journey will come to a conclusion soon. I will save my final thoughts for later.
By now my body had really started aching. My feet, chest, neck and to top it off I was dealing with a cold. I made a commitment to myself that I was going to make it and I will.
I took a photo of a man who was looking at me below. I was on the bridge the separates Stafford County and Fairfax County.
Then it happened, I got on the Interstate by mistake. We all know that walking on the Interstate is not allowed.
This accident turned out to be the most exciting event of the day. I was really terrified because cars were going so fast. There were cars headed South bound and North Bound. I must admit it was a little exciting. Ok, so this is where it all turns from funny to serious to funny.
A highway patrolman pulled up. I could have sworn all the cars on the interstate stopped and were looking directly at me. The patrolman gets out of his car and casually walks over to me with this perplexed smile on his face. He says to me “hello sir, may I ask where are you headed?” I tell where I was headed. He looks at me and asked me another question, “Are you taking photos of people?” He still has this smirk of a smile on his face. Picture this: A black man dressed in a bright yellow hat, arm bands, leg bands and a bright yellow shirt walking on the freeway taking photos. Would you call the cops if you saw this?

Before I answered his questions I asked him if I was on hwy 1? To sum this story up he said no. I took some video.
After all the fun was over, Trooper Sullivan drove me back to hwy 1 and we estimated where I would have been if I had not taken a wrong turn. That was so much fun. If you would like to hear all the details let me know. It is very funny.
I am so close, Washington – 14 miles
I finally made it to my destination!
My final walk will only be 6 miles. I walked to Washington, D.C.

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