July 7, 2011, My birthday!!


You have to read this poem written by Sam Inman. Today is my birthday! I do not think he knows it’s my birthday. I still have to do my final post. I have been relaxing and I will post real soon.

There once was a patriot who smiled While walking mile after mile after mile. “Everyone loves me!” he said. “Where I’ll sleep, I don’t dread. My final stop? The White House perhaps for awhile!”

‘Twas for Team USO and the troops he ventured forth From SC to DC, to arrive July Fourth. And tho’ summer’s heat beat down,And tho’ the smile briefly turned upside down, He continued his course to the north. 

“I better hydrate or I’ll surely roast! Those vultures above me might nibble and boast. So I’ll drink Gatorade by the bucket And H2O from each spigot,

For I want to see Lincoln’s Bedroom up close!” Onward he journeyed through farmland and town Making fast friends with nary another frown. “I’m ahead of pace To reach Obama’s Place!

You see, USO, I ain’t clowning around!”He arrived in DC slightly slimmer. Congressional staffers proclaimed him a winner!

But oh what a bummer….The Hill’s dumb debt grew dumber And his prospects for a White House dinner grew dimmer. 

To his sponsor’s hotel he trekked, still all in great cheer, To update his blog and reflect (and to wash all that reflective gear). And in the morning with foresight more clear

Our patient patriot texted his new and old friends far and near: “You’ll see! I’ll walk from New York to Barack next year!” 

Sam M. Inman

Vice President

Commercial Lending

First South Bank


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