Day 17: Midlothan, VA – WOW!!!!!


Yesterday was the 17th day of my challenging and inspiring journey to support our troops through the USO. My day started off in Amelia Courthouse VA. Pastor Petty, Sr Pastor of Hope Chapel picked me up at the hotel and took me to breakfast. We went to the local newspaper and did a few other errands. He then drove me out to the estimated place I would be if I were walking. Pastor, thank you for all your generosity!

I walked and walked and walked until I finally came to this Bar-B-Que stand. I met these wonderful women named Terri and Angie. Terri and Angie (Angie,who did not want to be photographed) had the best Ribs. They are located right on 360.The video will tell the story. (i will upload video later)

The cities are kind of close here so my final destination for today was in a city called Midlothan, VA. I was welcomed by the Sleep Inn and Suites. Mike Patel - the General Manager,Christina Dudley - Front Desk Manager, Jessica Feltner flanked by David Mays were both in charge of the evening operations of the entire hotel. Jessica and David took care of my every need and I feel like royalty here in Midlothan!!! Thanks Jessica and David. Mr. Patel is lucky to have two great assets like you two.

Speaking of Mike Patel, whoo-hooo! Get ready to receive a stroke of jealous. It’s ok to feel that way as long as it’s not that evil type.  When I tell you guys the red carpet was rolled out!!! Hot Dang!!Hot Dang! and good goobley goo!

This journey right here cannot be explained, only experienced! When I first arrived at the hotel…. not only were the staff waiting for me but one of their guest. Mrs. Swartz Get this! She likes the Sleep Inn and Suites so much, she’s staying here for another 4o days!!!! What, 40 days? Are you serious?

To make a long story short, I got checked in. When I got to my room there was this nice gift bag full of water, snacks and a welcome card. Ok, Ok, Ok…. yall ready for this? I said are yall ready for this….? Since I have been on the road I have cravings every once in a while for a nice meal at one of my favorite restaurant. I call the Stefanie, “one” of the PR’s and I told her I would love to eat at Bone Fish Grill this evening. Please do not get this craving twisted, it was only a craving. Bone Fish is a restaurant I frequent.

To make a long story short Stefanie was tied up and was going to get back to me. I went back up front to take some photos and low and behold, Mike and his staff greeted me and treated me to, you guessed it, Bone Fish! Wow, could it get any better? Fortunately it could because when I arrived at the Bone Fish, while I was eating, Tim Belio, the manager came to my table and commended me on the work we were doing to support our troops and their families through the USO. Oh yeah, Tim is also a Veteran.

Tim and I had a short chat because the place was packed and he was quite busy. Now what Tim did next completely blew my mind. Are yall ready for this….. Hova, Hova… I can’t see these tears coming out my eyes so I gotta make these words cry. Im sorry yall another Jay-Z moment. Back to Tim.

While I was eating I was sitting by these two drop dead gorgeous women and this guy who looked like he just stepped out of GQ magazine. His name was John. We started a conversation because no one knew the name of our waiter. By the way his name was Eric. I started explaining what I was doing. They were so intrigued that one of the women offered me money and I gave her a card and asked her to go online and make her donation there.

We were all eating. The all of a sudden (the lady to the right of John on the picture) said “So John…what else would you like to do this evening? we can do whatever you want.” Now, this part is for the men folk out there reading this. Picture this: you are out with two of the most beautiful women in the world and you are asked this question…. I digress… John, please call me to let me know how your evening went.

A picture of John and his 2 “companions” for the night (inside joke) did not get a picture of Tim

Tim came back to my table, This time he had with him a business card. He gave me his card and said to me. “From here all the way to Washington, you are free to eat at the Bone Fish Grill of your choice, On us.” At that moment I almost burst into tears. “Don’t be no pussy cat man! man up….” Listen, this is very important. I have been a mediocre christian all my life. Why God chose me to support the USO, our troops and their families..I have no clue.

This is the kind of favor that can be only experienced, not explained. If you ever have a “nagging” feeling about doing something, that’s God. He has already sent his word out and it will not return to him void. If you are a procrastinator, keep putting off getting to work on time, starting a business, writting a book or volunteering at the local soup kitchen.Remember this… if you don’t do it, God has someone else waiting and ready to do that same thing. His word says, the last shall become 1st. I interpret “last” as being a servant. Look at the majority of great people in the world and trace back to trace back to the beginning. Want to find out how you can serve visit That’s it yall, no more writing for today.

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Day 16: Made it to Amelia Court House, VA!


Whew! Talk about a long day. This is what happened today. I woke up this morning with so much administration stuff to do. I got it all done but then I had to wait around for the media. Here’s the kicker; the media did not show up. Let me explain to you how God set this thing up today. Last week I got off my route by 138 miles.

I went through Reidsville, NC when I met this nice reporter name Latayla Payne. Ms. Payne did a wonderful story for her newspaper adn emailed me a copy. Guess what? No, that’s not it. Here’s what happened today. No reporter showed up. How about this, the reporter let me write my own story today. All of yall should know by now that I am about as dumb as a bag of rocks. But I do have a little common sense. I took the story Ms. Payne wrote last week and did a little cut, copy and paste. Below is the story. I told yall I may just change professions.

If you were on U.S. Highway 360 East between Keysville and Burkeville last Wednesday, chances are you saw a man in a bright, yellow hat with a yellow shirt and yellow arm bands walking with traffic. His name is Leonard Pitts. And he’s walking to raise half a million dollars for the USO to support the active military and their families.

Pitts said he began his journey on foot in Clinton, S.C., at the beginning of this month. He’s walking to raise awareness about the United Service Organization (USO) and what the organization does to help troops and their families. He will walk to Washington, D.C., and expects to reach his destination on June 25. When he arrives, he will have walked around 500 miles.

He said the contacted him last August and wanted to work with him and his realtor business. After doing some research on the military and veterans, Pitts said he discovered some staggering statistics.

“I came across the National Survey of Veterans and in this report on, it said there were approximately 23 million veterans and 2.5 million active member military, and around 41 percent are unaware of all the benefits that are available to them,” he said. “I spoke with a 20-year veteran and he said it was probably more like 80 percent. I’ve talked to a lot of veterans that just don’t know.”

Pitts said as he continued to read the report, he really felt the need to help in some way.

“I saw a commercial President Obama did about supporting our troops, and it’s almost like he stepped out of the TV and was standing right in my living room talking to me,” he said. “He was like ‘support the USO’ – that’s what he said – and I didn’t even know what the USO was. I did a Google search and was amazed at what they do.”

He said he saw many other fund-raisers that involved running marathons and other activities, so he looked to other methods of fund-raising.

“It’s really what God told me to do, because when I read that report about the lack of awareness and read about the USO, I had a wonderful history lesson that day,” he said. “God just started putting this vision it in my spirit.”

Pitts trained for about six months by walking practically everywhere. He walks an average of 18-23 miles per day, although he said he’s gone over that amount several times.

Pitts said the USO relies on the generosity of the public, organization and corporations to support its activities. I am standing on this same foundation Pitts said.

Generosity was something Pitts said he wasn’t expecting but has received from so many different organizations and people along the way. When Pitts first entered the town of Burkeville he was greeted by Janeal who owns a fruit stand on hwy 360. Pitts said she gave him something to drink and two delicious peaches. Pitts also said when he finally arrived at his destination, The Comfort Inn, the generosity here was so overwhelming he almost cried. “They took me in with open arms, donated me a room for the night and not only that, Rocco Rotondo, the manager fed me and washed my dirty laundry. “It was so much for me to handle”, Pitts said.
Paul Ward, the owner of the Comfort Inn, told Pitts it was an admirable thing he is doing and he supports our troops and the USO, “Pitts said”.

“My standard for people has really risen since I’ve taken this trip, because the people have been so generous – it’s like an overflow of generosity,” he said. “I’ve never experienced this before, and I’ve turned down more than I’ve received.”

You can follow Pitts’ progress on his blog at There is also a USO logo on his site to donate to his cause. All donations go directly to the USO and it is 100% tax deductible. His blog reported he made it to Burkeville on Wednesday and his route says he’s scheduled to travel from Burkeville, VA to Amelia on Thursday. To learn more on how you can help Pitts, you can call him at 864.449.6197.

Upon reaching his final destination, he will deliver an executive summary of his mission to the White House that includes a proposal for a national day of celebration to recognize active members of the military.

Is that a good story or what?

My got got started late, around 11:30. I really did not feel like walking today. The forecast said rain but God’s report said do not worrly about it and I did not. About 21 miles to my destination.

This was the longest day. I am sore, my feet hurt and I finally have this big ugly blister on my heel.

Yall I am not goona lie. Today I got frustrated and I had a little pow wow with God. If I did not record this stuff most of yall probably will not believe some of the thing I write. But thanks to Jimmye and my other prayer warriors, God is making sure his word will not return to him. This is the 1st video I shot:

Yall, I am not lying. I stopped at a little store and took a break and I told God ‘God, that’s it for me today. I need a ride and I need one now!” Guess what? This was my ride:
Patton and her Father

Patton and her father took me to Amelia Court House and dropped me off. Pastor Patten of the Hope Chapel is donating me a place to stay and he bought me dinner @ Hatcher Dining. The video will tell the rest of the story for today.

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Day 16: Leaving Burkeville, VA


First, Thank you Comfort Inn’s Rocco Rotondo for making my stay wonderful. You are a kind and giving person. I sincerely hope Paul, the owner knows your value to his hotel. Oh yeah, Paul, what a great judge of character you have. I highly suggest to anyone who is passing through the Burkeville, VA area to stay at this hotel. Call them @ 434.767.3767. Tell them “that walking guy” sent you.

Today will be another great dsy! Perfect day for walking. Gee, IO hope I don’t run into any black bears! We are getting closer!! Oh yeah, I am expecting a couple phone calls from some important people today. I will post later today. A couple hints: Yes, You Can and You’re Fired!! 🙂

This is my route for today

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Day 15: Whew! I made it to Greenbay


Today was a very good day. The weather was great and I did not have to intake so much water. My body has adapted to the heat.
I may have potentially another problem. Because of the strenuous workout on my lower body, I am beginning to fell the back to back workouts, I am making sure I am getting proper rest.

I met so many nice people along the way. I met Lillian and Phlyss and the Meherrin Stop and Shop. They assisted us with food and water, I then met Janeal, now Janeal operates a fruit stand and let me tell you, those peaches she gave me were delicious. Her and her brother’s stand is right on hwy 360.

When I finally arriived at my destination I went to the Comfort Inn and Suites in Burkeville, VA. I met Mr. Rocco Rotonda. Standing on the mission of the USO which relies on the generosity of the pubic, I told him what I was doing and gave him my web address. To make a long story short, I sat down and waited. I was not worried because I know God will provide. Anyway, he finally called me over and said to me “the owner said it was my call and If I were in your position I would want someone to help me out”. Thank you Mr. Rotonda!!!!!!

Oh yeah! I forgot to tell ya, Mr. Rocco then treated me to a chicken dinner!!!! Can you believe that? God…..

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Day 15: Leaving Keysville, VA


This is where we are going today. We are only walking around 21 miles today. Please note, because of the uncertainty of the area we are making adjustments as we go. Talk to you later.

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Day 14: A new press release – A boring day


Today is finally over! Hwy 360 invited us to take a stroll on the gentle, quiet pavement that was far more inviting than highway 58 from Danville to South Boston. Today was a short day. We only walked about 13 miles. We? Yes, we, John Pellett the photographer is back. The only good footage I got was when John started challenging me and started running. At the end of the day, well, the videos will speak for themselves.


I told yall I was gonna get him


Robert Benning, Staff Reporter for The Charlotte Gazett caught up with us on the highway. He wanted to get a story on what we were doing and why. Mr. Benning suggested a quaint little hotel and restaurant in the nearby town of Keysville called the Sheldon Hotel and Restaurant. There is very little here but the food is great. That’s about it for today.

Pitts passes through SoBo on walk to White House

Seeking to raise $500,000 for USO

By Paula I. Bryant

Acting on what he described as a vision from God, Leonard Pitts of Clinton, S.C. passed through South Boston Monday afternoon as he walks 500 miles from his hometown to the White House in Washington, D.C. in an effort to raise $500,000 through the USO, a nonprofit organization dedicated to troops and their families. 

Pitts said Monday he is making the walk in an effort to raise money to donate 100 percent of the proceeds to USO.

 “I am walking to bring the people together for one cause. I think this is the first time something of this magnitude has been done,” Pitts said, adding he wishes to bridge the gap between the home front and the front lines.

Aside from the fundraising, Pitts said his goal is to eventually have a day dedicated specifically to honoring active military.

He wants to call the day “With Great Honor Day.”

“We have a day to honor fallen heroes and veterans, but we don’t have a day that honors our active military, and they need to know we support them,” he said, pointing to his two best friends in the military as his inspiration for commitment.

As he walks to the nation’s capitol, Pitts is hoping to raise awareness about the nation’s 23 million veterans – some of whom face homelessness once they return from service.

Pitts, an entrepreneur and philanthropist, said he decided to make the walk as part of Team USO to raise money through sponsors and donations to support the USO.

The idea came to him while watching a commercial with President Obama speaking about USO.

That’s when he said he started considering a walk to the White House.

“It was like President Obama was talking directly to me, and I could have sworn he mentioned USO. To this day, no one has ever heard about this commercial,” Pitts said. “It was like God was at work on me.”

With so many active military people and veterans in the U.S., people remain are unaware of all of the benefits and support available to them, and Pitts said that’s what made him want to do more.

Although he has never served in the military, Pitts said he began training in November and walks six days a week around 18 to 23 miles everyday on his a walk to D. C. that began June 1.

He takes Sundays off and visits local churches wherever he is staying for that night.

Pitts has walked mainly on two-lane highways and secondary roads through South Carolina, North Carolina and now through Virginia.

He said he drove the route prior to walking it to pre-determine stopping points.

While in South Boston Monday, Pitts called the Fairview Inn home for the evening thanks to Fairview Manager Michael Watson who put him up for the night.

Members of the South Boston Fire Department provided dinner for Pitts at Long John Silvers.

As he travels through each community, Pitts said he stops and meets people to explain the cause for his walk.

While in South Boston, fire department members signed his neon yellow vest that Pitts plans to present to President Obama when he reaches the White House.

When asked if he has felt nervous as he travels through remote areas of the countryside, Pitts said he is “ well-prepared and hooked up to technology.”

Pointing out he is strictly a volunteer for Team USO, Pitts said persons wishing to make a donation to the USO can do so at his website and click on the USO logo or by e-mailing him at with the subject line “assist” or “donation form” to provide money or support for his mission.

All proceeds go directly to USO, he added.

Interested persons can keep up with Pitts daily walk by “liking” his Facebook page: “With Great Honor Team USO.”

Leonard Pitts of Clinton, S.C. passed through South Boston Monday afternoon on his 500-mile walk from Clinton, S.C. to Washington, D.C. He is making the walk to raise $500,000 through the USO, a nonprofit organization dedicated to troops and their families. Treating Pitts to dinner Monday evening were members of the South Boston Fire Department including (from left) Daniel Clark, Joe Acree, Pitts, Deputy Chief Dwight Spangler and Caleb Wade. (Paula I. Bryant photo)

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Day 14: A note from me


Hello everyone today is Tuesday, June 14th, 2011. I am finally at my halfway point to Washington, DC. Whew, this has been an incredible journey! Since the beginning of day 1 on June 1 in my hometown of Clinton, SC all the way to today. As I am sitting here in my temporary home in South Boston, VA at the Fairfield Inn, I cannot help but to think about the people that I have met along my journey. Why God choose to use me for this journey? I have no clue. Am I doing his will? God, I surely hope so!

WOW! My spirit just said to my “get away from your friends and family because I will show you the land of milk and honey.” I’m sitting here just a little perplexed. All I can think of is this; America is the home of the free and the brave and there is no other place I know of like America. If you live here in America there is nothing you cannot do or be. Ask the President of the United States, Ask Bill Gates, Ask the founder of Facebook or better yet; ask the local panhandler who stands on the corner or intersection asking for food (money).

Speaking of panhandlers, why is it when you see a panhandler and they have a sign that reads “will work for food”; you offer them something to eat and they turn you down? Instead, they ask if you could just give them the money because they do not want to lose their spot. I don’t know about you but it ticks me off. I was kind enough to buy you food, that’s what the sign says, but then you turn me down? In the words of Fred Sanford, “You Big Dummy!” You see, that’s what America is all about.

We have free will. We can do what we want and go where we please. Do not make any mistake about it, we are here because when Jesus sacrificed his life for us by dying on the cross, some people beg to differ, but this is what I believe. I believe he died, took a three day trip to Hell town, kicked Satin’s ass, took back the keys, rose on the 3rd day, gave the keys to man and told him “Have dominion over the entire earth until I return”.

You may be wondering what does this have to do with our military. Well, lets see, Our military is deployed all over the World. Take for instance my best friend Joseph Crawford who is in the active military. He heads some of the humanitarian efforts the U.S. provides around the World, Haiti and Japan for instance. My other best friend, his twin brother Joel. Who is, well, all I can say is this, because of him I can sleep at peace at night. In summary, America! Home of the free and brave. If we do not support our troops then who will. Robert F. Kennedy once said “Very few will have the greatness to bend history; but if each of us can work to change a small portion of the events; and in the total of all these acts will be written the history of this generation. Our work must begin now, with each and everyone making a lifetime commitment to service.”

Take the South Boston fire dept or the South Boston police department and lets not forget the people who work at department stores, fast food restaurants, city sanitation, reporters and “ALL” other professions that require service. Wait a minute!! Are we not all in a service capacity in one way or another? I believe I just received my revelation! Our troops have taken on the ultimate sacrifice! To be in a position of service where you run the risk of losing your life in order for someone else to live… this reminds me of a quote in a letter that Congressman Jim Clyburn wrote me. This is exert from his letter: Dr. Martin Luther King once said, “Everybody can be great because anybody can serve … You only need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by love. And you can be that servant.

All of our service men and women are great, both present and past. Please help me support our active troops and their families by donating to the USO. I am making my ultimate sacrifice by walking through three States. Is your freedom worth $10? If so, can you please donate to the USO? Please click on the USO logo to be directed to my USO website. All donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law. 100% of you donation goes directly to the USO.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and donate to the USO.

Leonard Pitts

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Day 13: South Boston


Hello everyone today is Monday, June 13th, 2011. I left the Homes of Hope Shelter this morning around 3:45 a.m. The city of course was still sleep with the exception of the hooker I met yesterday. She yelled at me and said “Hey, I want to donate something”. I asked her what and she walked over to me and said “ I want to donate a bucket of crabs!” I told her that my doctor took me off the seafood for a few months and next time I am in the area I will look her up and maybe my doctor will give me a prescription for her so she can get off the crab, I meant seafood for a while also. While it was still dark outside I happened by a sign that pointed me in the direction I was going. I was about 35 miles South Boston.

It was very pleasant this morning. The streets were vacant and I did not have a worry at all. Then all of a sudden…A HILL! What I did not know at the time was it was going to be this way the entire length of the trip to South Boston. I walked about 6 or so miles, still very hilly, then I come to another sign that says 29 miles to South Boston. I figured, Hey, I got this, and started my merry way, right after I ate some breakfast.

At first I felt intimidated because of the hilly course. But I prayed to God for my strength, endurance and stamina. I am the body of Christ and satin has no power over me!!!

I walked and walked and walked until I finally came to a sign that said Halifax County. Little did I know this is the 2nd largest county in the State of Virginia. After walking hill after hill after hill I came to a place called the “Pit Stop”. Thank God for this place because I had already walked, get this 24 miles. The people there were so wonderful. They had the best hot dogs! Thank you Kara Floan! I tell you the truth, my standard for the way people treat me has been raised. I also met a man by the name of Mr. Wilmouth. Now Mr. Wilmouth is a world class fisherman and he was kind enough to give me a lift about 5 miles down the road on the outskirts of South Boston.

When I finally arrive in South Boston I was greeted by Deputy Fireman Dwight Spangler and Daniel Clark. They greeted me with a huge cold Gatorade and gave me a ride to the hotel.

I am currently staying at the Fairfield Inn where Michael Watson in the manager. He was generous enough to comp me for a night. Thank you Mr. Watson! Deputy Fireman Dwight Spangler and Daniel Clark waited on me to come up to my room so that I could freshen up.

Thank you guys for showing me such great hospitality!
When I got dressed we drove to the fire house and I had the opportunity to meet the entire crew with the exception to the Chief. I will stick around tomorrow to meet him and tell him what an awesome group of men he has working with him. Paula from the gazette Virginia came over. She did an interview with me and the fire crew. We took a wonderful photograph for the newspaper. The visit was short lived because they received a fire call. Oh yeah, everybody signed my vest before I left. I walked back to the hotel because they were pretty busy over there. What a wonderful group of servicemen South Boston has. I know that we are two states apart but if you think there may be something I can assist you with, do not hesitate to call on me.

On my way back to the hotel, an ambulance approached me. I tried to get out of the way but it was coming directly at me. It was Joe Acree. He told me he had the food I requested. He blew my mind next thing he said. He said “ I will take you to the hotel”. I was like “really!” He said “sure.” I get in and he’s driving me to the hotel and….(yall just look at the video)

In summary, I had an awesome day! Thank you Kara Floan for the best hot dogs this side of Texas, Thank you Mr. Wilmouth for a great conversation and ride. I listen very carefully and thank you for the advice. Thank you Mr. Watson for the beautiful room and thank you Deputy Spangler and your crew for you un-measurable gratitude.

On behalf of Team USO, thank you for your support as we bridge the gap between the home front and front lines!

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Day 12: North Carolina to Virginia


Hello everyone today is Sunday, June 12th, 2011. I am so excited because I have so much to tell you. I arrived in Danville, VA yesterday.

My very 1st experience of generosity was when I met a man by the name of Mr. Durham.

He took me with him to his grandson Joseph’s very 1st birthday party! It was a wonderful experience. The “entire” family invited me in with open arms. Mr. Durham gave me a tour of the Goodyear campus. What an amazing place.

Beginning from the start of day 11:
My journey has been an unexplainable experience thus far. The beginning of the day started off smooth. The weather was great and everyone who drove by me either blew the horn or waved. I happened upon a fire station and you know I had to stop. I met the entire crew. They even bought me lunch.

Let me remind everyone, this was God’s decision, not mine. I am only the messenger. What the message is that I am to deliver is unclear at this moment. I am sure it involves our military and their families. Now, back to the story at hand. I left the EMS station and headed towards Danville, VA. This was a 29 mile walk. I was walking and minding my own business when all of a sudden this dog broke his chain and tried to attack me.

Luckily, I had my camera out and I got most of it on video. Yall, I just may have to change professions. I’m getting pretty good with this camera.

Well, I got away from the dog and headed towards business 29 south. As I was merging onto (like I was driving) I felt the sudden urge to pee (video).

The hwy was long, flat and hot. When I was less than 5 miles from the NC/VA state line, a state Trooper by the name of Boozer stopped and asked me if I was ok. He also told me to be very careful. Since he stopped I asked him where is the nearest exit because I needed to rest and I was hungry. He told me the next exit is where I should stop. He also gave me a bottle of water. I did not ask for it. It was very inviting because I did not have to waste time taking my backpack off. Ok, so I get off the exit, by the time I get to the top this Trooper shows back up to only tell me he told me the wrong exit!! Talking about being pissed (video)!

When I finally arrived in VA a very nice man picked me up, took me to a birthday party for his one year grandson. I met his family. They fed me and I had the opportunity to speak to several veterans and one of the guys talked about the USO(video).

I did not have a place to stay so Mr. Durham took me to a fire department. They found me a place to stay but I had to go to the police station 1st to get checked out. Thank God I did not have any outstanding warrants.
The House of Hope Homeless shelter invited me to stay there. I will not speak a lot on this subject because of privacy issues. I can say this, the entire group allowed me to cook breakfast. Cheese eggs, Bacon and Toast. Paula Dean would be proud (video).

Finally, I visited Dick’s Sporting Goods to receive a brand new pair of Asics 17. Monday will be a challenge because the hwy is a rolling hill all the way to South Boston. I’m ready!

I am not done with this post. I will finish later

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Day 11: Entering Virginia a day early?


Good Morning, Yesterday “almost” kicked my butt!! I made it to the town of Reidsville and now it’s time to trek to Danville, VA. As I write this blog, I am reflecting on this journey. This is getting more emotional. Come on man! Don’t be no “Pussy”, Man Up! Ok, Ok.

Below is the revised route. I will of course stay in Danville until Monday. Monday will be a 32 mile trek. I have no aches, pains and only one blister (shoes one size to big). My blog tomorrow is gonna be so awesome!! It will be uncut and uncensored. Please be advised some content may be unsuitable for children under the age of 12. Who am I kiddin, kids hear and see this type stuff everyday. call me today to keep me company.

                             My route for today

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