Day 18-19: Glen Allen, VA!!!!


I left Sleep Inn & Suites Harbour Pointe yesterday. I did not want to leave this place!

If you have never stayed @ any of the Choice Hotels….Comfort Inn, Comfort Suites, Quality Inn, Sleep Inn, Clarion, Main Stay, etc.. I tell you what, click on the link to visit their website. Tell them the “Walking Man” sent you.

On my way towards Chamberlayne, well, I was going to Chamberlayne because that was my next destination. I ended up going towards Richmond.

How many of you know, God’s plan is different from our plan? Before I left the hotel Mr. Patel, the General Manager said to me “if there is anything else I could do for you let us know, “anything,” First, let me try to get you to understand something. I cannot tell you exactly where the scripture is in the bible. I believe it’s in Malicah. It goes something like this…”Trust me, and if you do I will pour you out a blessing you will not be able to contain.”

When Mr. Patel said this to me my mind started racing. I did not know what to say, only thing I said was “thanks and I will.” As I was walking up Hull St/360 towards Richmond, by the way, the traffic was horrendous! I had to be extremely careful. It seemed like everyone was in a hurry.

The Lord put it in my spirit, safety first. I walked several more miles then I had to pee-pee. I go to this hotel, I use the bathroom and then it happened. God spoke to me and said “you better call Mr. Patel.” I thought to myself “I think I better call Mike.” Since it will not be possible for me to make my destination before dark and I started walking late.” I called Mr. Patel and asked him for a ride. Wait for it….. Ok, here comes the good stuff. Wait for it…. What I failed to tell you earlier, Mr. Patel made arrangements for me to stay in another one of their hotels, Comfort Suites. Listen to me and listen to me good!

You never know where your blessing is going to come from so you “Better” be ready! Some of you may be staring your blessing in the face but you are too “stiffed neck” to see it! FYI, do not worry about keeping up with the Jones. At the end of the day you have only one provider!

Before I finish my story about Mr. Patel I met some really nice folk who supports our troops and the USO. I sincerely hope you guys had a great time on your vacation.

Ok, Mr. Patel picked me up in his personal car. When he arrived…well, all I can say is this. He made me feel like I was waiting for my car at a five diamond, winner of 6 JD Power awards resort/hotel. Only difference was I was not driving, he was!!!!!!

So I’m standing there in total awe. He gets out of the car, runs…runs around to my side, opens my door, puts me in and then puts my backpack in the back seat!! I could not believe it!

Picture this if you will: You are in the car with the CEO for the company you work for and he/she is treating you like royalty. They continually ask you are you ok, do you need anything? What do you do or what do you say? That’s what I meant earlier. Get ready! Read Luke 2:52. Ok. I am in the car with this man, alone, and he is driving me to the next destination, Comfort Suites, one of their hotels. Please click on the link below to take a tour of these wonderful hotels.

Drum roll…..(it’s time for some ebonics) yall gots to do batter then tat! Can I get a drum roll please….. got dang it, move out tha way, give me them sticks, I will drum roll myself (me going crazy on the drums)!

Mr. Mike Patel, General Manager, Regional Manager, Manager of Managers said to me………….wait fer it :)… He said.. Ok, he said; “We would like to provide your lodging for the duration of your trip.
We think what you are doing is commendable and we support the troops, their families and the USO and if there is anything we can do to make your journey more at ease do not hesitate to let me know.” All I can say… “thank you.” Now folks, you can’t see the tears coming down my eyes so I am doing my best to make you feel the way I feel with these words.

I had no idea who or what the USO was until Last November. God has put me on this path to the White House to meet certain people and organizations. Think of it like this: my journey is like a ladder. The more steps I take the higher I get. As I move up the ladder, the task becomes more difficult. The only way I can reach the top is by having a support system. You cannot measure the support by how much is given but by ability.

I need to share something with you. There have been days when I say to myself “what am I doing…my toes are jacked up, I have this huge blister on my heel, this has consumed all my time and to top it all off, I’m not being paid!” Why would you ask something of this magnitude from someone like me God, I ask? It’s Father’s day and I am 465 miles from home and my family.

Then I hear I calm voice in my spirit and it says this: “You have to die in order to live”

To try and put this in perspective for yall, our troops and their families sacrifice (die) each and every day so that you and me can have the freedom to (live).

Please help me support our troops by donating to the USO. Is your freedom worth at least $10? Please click on the USO logo to donate today.

This awesome journey is almost over for me but the pursuit of happiness never will.

Please donate today

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