Day 20: Back to Richmond then to Golansville


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It’s time to return to the trail. I am finally getting some rain. It looks like I will be returning to Richmond this morning. I try to be sure I am still in God’s will. Today will be played on an hour by hour basis. Who knows, I may end up in New York. This is so exciting. Oh yeah, If you have never stayed at any of the Choice Hotels you are missing out. They have this great deal going on right now. Stay two seperate nights, get the 3rd night FREE! That’s right FREE! Take a look at this quick video I just made.

Hey everybody!
Time for another quick update! Everything I post is the absolute truth. I do all the crazy videos because I want you to feel this journey I am taking. I am a living and breathing testimony. Everything with God is possible! You only have to trust him. I know, I know, a lot of you have been broken and probably think why does God allow you to go through certain things. “God just put this word in my spirit.” This message is intended for someone who will read this today.

I want to talk to you. Call me today. Block your number. I do not want to know your name. Call me @ 864.449.6197.I really need to talk to you before you do something you will regret. Anyway, I met with Mr. Frank Kelly, Regional Director for Choice Hotels. Before I get into this story there is something I need to share with you. Mr. Kelly smelled so good this morning. I complimented him on his cologne.

To make a long story short, he offered me his cologne! I declined of course. He then told me he received it as a gift from his girlfriend. When he told me that I thouight to myself “Man, you give that away you better not tell her.” Fellows, It is my experience, when a woman give you cologne she really loves the scent of that paticuliar cologne and when you put it on and you wear it around her, good goobly goo!
One thing I know about women, they like a well dressed and a great smelling man! So, Mr. Kelly, thank you sir for the kind geasture but that gift has so much value for you.

You see folks, that’s the kind of stuff I am talking about. My lodging has been taking care of all the way to Arlington, VA. My route has changed a little. My next stop is Comfort Suites at Kings Dominion. Yipee!!!! This is so exciting!

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